Grow your business with a customized strategic plan.

As a John Maxwell Team member, I have the tools and resources to create a customized training plan for your organization. Whether it is Communication, Team Collaboration, Culture Creation or Change Management, trainings target your specific needs to propel your business to the next level.

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60% of all workplace absences are due to stress related issues. How much of your business’ bottom line is sitting at home on their bottom during the work day?  The best thing you can do to improve your profits is to create a harmonious work environment.  I am on a mission to alleviate stress in the workplace. Book a Discovery Meeting to find out how your people and your business can benefit.

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 A SWOT analysis in game form

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DISCover your unique communication style.

The Maxwell DISC Report gives you a comprehensive look at your personality and communication style. Knowing this gives you the ability to tailor your style for maximum influence in the marketplace.

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The Sales Professional’s Training

Want to sell with confidence, integrity and certainty? Want to connect with your customer on an instinctive level? Want to turn a potential customer into a client for life? The Sales Professional’s Training will teach you all this and more. This four-part training can be completed as a workshop or delivered in sessions.